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 build for jax!

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PostSubject: build for jax!   Tue May 18, 2010 1:35 pm

in this order: Ninja Tabi, phantom dancer, guinsoos rageblade, another phantom dancer, infinities edge, and warmogs armor. if the game is still somehow miraculously going on, then sell ninja tabi for a Randuin's Omen. stats are off the charts. 3k health crazy attack speed which works out perfectly for his ultimate and the gunisoos also compliments the ultimate. and he has crazy dodge which is good for his stun. and he has crazy crit chance which is good with the infinities edge. ur weak until around 9 or 10 but then u start owning all face! if this doesnt work out for u let me know bc ill be very surprised! and if does work out for u then let me know Smile
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build for jax!
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